chris-warde-jonesPhotography became a passion for me after an early childhood spent playing football and designing and building electronic gadgets. My first pictures were published at the age of 15 and the next 25 years were spent developing and printing my images in the dark room. I loved the intensity of those years, the solitude, the excitement of watching the image appear slowly, as if by magic.

Things have changed vastly in the last few years. I have embraced the digital advances with enthusiasm, yet I am convinced that my experience with film taught me priceless lessons, especially in composition. Most of my work has been in the 35mm format. I also love using my Hasselblad and have a great many pictures taken in medium format. For the occasional corporate or advertising shoot I have used view cameras. My photography is mainly editorial, but I have also done considerable work for global corporate clients. The bulk of my assignments is divided up between travel, portrait and feature work. My food photography has also been much praised

I grew up in Rome, went to London University, taught English at high school and then embarked on the career which has taken me all over the world and allowed me to work on assignment for many of the most prestigious newspapers and magazines. Flying is another of my passions and I have a pilot’s license. It helps when you’re doing aerial photography, but it can be dangerous doing two things at the same time!

Feel free to contact me for work or even just for a chat about where photography is going.

Some of my Editorial and Corporate Clients